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Grant Grove Market

Next to the John Muir Lodge and three miles from the Kings Canyon Big Stump entrance, the Grant Grove Market at Grant Grove Village is a buzzing retail hub where visitors can re-supply, re-energize and re-group on arrival at Kings Canyon.

In addition to shops and restaurants, the excellent Kings Canyon Visitors Center is located at Grant Grove Village. This compact supermarket sells basic groceries, beer, wine and camping supplies. A souvenir penny-smasher is on the front porch, and a small post office is inside.

In the winter, we sell tire chains, boots, coats, hats, gloves and other items for your winter adventures in Kings Canyon. It's also the place to rent snowshoes in winter.

The history of this building is on the website "The color, roofline, and siding on this building match the more modern look of the adjacent Gift Shop & Restaurant building with a lower slope on the roof. In a nod to the rustic style, this building uses gables with large exposed timbers and bracketed outriggers supporting the roof, as in all pre-1960 buildings. The windows are also multi-pane to match the style of the older buildings."

Hours of Operation

  • Open Daily: 9 AM - 5 PM