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The base of the General Grant Tree in Kings Canyon National Park

General Sherman Tree

Exploring General Sherman Tree

Journey through the seasons to explore the majestic General Sherman Tree, nestled within the landscape of Sequoia National Park. Whether you visit in the spring, summer, or winter, each season offers a unique perspective and unforgettable experiences.

Trail access and parking

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the General Sherman Tree with convenient access via two distinct trails. Parking for the Main Trail is located off Wolverton Road, between the Sherman Tree and Lodgepole. Follow the signage on a scenic half-mile journey to the tree. The paved trail contains informative exhibits detailing giant sequoias’ natural history. The walk to the tree is downhill, and the return trip is uphill.

The start of the General Sherman Tree trail in Sequoia National Park

The largest tree on Earth

The undisputed King of the Forest, the General Sherman Tree is not only the largest living tree in the world, but the largest living organism, by volume, on the planet. A giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), General Sherman is:

  • ~ 2,100 years old
  • ~ 2.7 million pounds
  • ~ 275 feet tall
  • ~ 100 feet wide at its trunk
A visitor posing at the base of the General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park

Winter adventure

Winter transforms the landscape into a magical wonderland blanketed in snow and serenity. Accessing the General Sherman Tree in winter requires navigating snowy trails with traction devices for footwear. Shuttle services may be available on select weekends, providing convenient transportation to the tree trail.

Majestic sequoia trees flocked with snow in Sequoia National Park



To many, redwoods and sequoias mean the same thing, but even a quick trip to the Giant Forest Museum will help you realize how different they really are. While they are members of the same family, redwoods and sequoias are actually different species, distinct in many interesting and fascinating ways!

Exterior view of Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park under a dramatic sunset sky


A variety of places to stay inside the park keep you close to the majestic giant sequoia trees, deep canyons and soaring cliffs that make Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks famous.

Two guests at Wuksachi Lodge on the outdoor dining deck


Indulge in High Sierra dining options inside Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, from lodge dining to café counter service.