A Sequoia visitor runs underneath Tunnel Log

Guided Sightseeing Tours

Tour Sequoia & Kings Canyon and learn about the park from some of the people who know it best — Sequoia Sightseeing Tours!

Touring Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

Take a Sequoia & Kings Canyon tour with local experts who have been exploring Sequoia National Park for years and are excited to share their love of all the best sights with you. You'll visit some of the most popular destinations, while being regaled with stories that will help you make connections you might not have otherwise made, and notice things you might otherwise have missed.

Private Sequoia Half Day Tour

Get up close and personal with the ancient towering Sequoia trees. Bask in the awe of the General Sherman Tree - the world's largest living tree - and many other breathtaking natural wonders. Perfect for all ages and abilities, these intimate and informative tours take you where large tour groups simply can't go. Take all the stress out of the day so you can relax and soak up the beauty of nature. 

The Sequoia National Park Half-Day Tour is the ideal choice for those already staying inside the park, or who want to make the drive from the entrance to the lodge at their own pace. Making your way from the Wuksachi Lodge, you'll make stops in the aptly-named Giant Forest full of majestic Sequoias. Here you'll meet the Park's most famous resident; the General Sherman Tree - the largest tree on the planet. Looking upwards, its staggering height will take your breath away. Other stops may include the viewpoint at Moro Rock with its stunning lookout, Tunnel Log, so big it's possible to pass under by foot or car, and Auto Log, where you can walk the length of a Sequoia giving you a different perspective on just how massive these trees truly are.

  • Many opportunities for stunning panoramic photos and native wildlife sightings including bears, deer, and other woodland creatures.
  • Escape the crowds as you visit our expert guide's favorite lesser-known trees
  • Knowledgeable and friendly local guide
  • Transportation in a comfortable air-conditioned tour vehicle; not a giant bus

Half-day tours are offered year-round, road and weather conditions permitting. Call 559-561-4189 to make a reservation with Sequoia Tours, or book online.

Private Kings Canyon Tour

This diverse Kings Canyon itinerary is the complete package, bringing together the expansive trees that the area is known for, with additional geological marvels and alluring natural features. We believe that tours should be interactive experiences and want you to get the most out of your time, so there are multiple opportunities to get off the vehicle, walk around, and capture the day through beautiful pictures. Whether you're adventurous and looking to fully explore every feature, or you would rather enjoy a calm and quiet moment surrounded by the tranquility of the open natural space, this tour takes all ability levels into account.

During your Kings Canyon National Park Tour, you will make a stop at the Grant Grove visitor center. This is the perfect introduction to your tour, featuring informative displays about the trifecta of natural wonders you'll experience throughout the day; the giant sequoias, the canyonlands, and the breathtaking mountain views of the High Sierra. Later you'll be able to admire the monumental stature of the General Grant Tree, the third-largest tree on the planet, proclaimed the "Nation's Christmas Tree" by President Calvin Coolidge, and the only living natural shrine and declared by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Delight in the grandeur of the Canyon, as you learn about its geological significance and find yourself suddenly feeling quite small. During stops at Grizzly Falls and Roaring River Falls, be soothed by the sound of rushing water in these lush wild spaces. When you reach Zumwalt Meadow, let its tranquility take over as you gaze at idyllic wildflowers, mountain ranges, and shades of green all around you. A truly amazing experience.

The full-day tour also includes a delicious picnic lunch.

To book a full-day tour, call 559-561-4189 to make a reservation with Sequoia Tours, or book online.

Private Tours with Sequoia Tours

With Sequoia Tours, the group sizes tend to be small, averaging about 10 people in a group, so you'll get plenty of personal interaction with your guide. However, for an even more custom experience, you can also book private tours year-round.

To schedule your Sequoia sightseeing tour or for more information about all of the tours available in this region, visit the Sequoia Tours website, or call 559-561-4189.