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Guided Sightseeing Tours

Tour Sequoia & Kings Canyon and learn about the park from some of the people who know it best — Sequoia Sightseeing Tours!

Touring Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

Take a Sequoia & Kings Canyon tour with local experts who have been exploring Sequoia National Park for years and are excited to share their love of all the best sights with you. You'll visit some of the most popular destinations, while being regaled with stories that will help you make connections you might not have otherwise made, and notice things you might otherwise have missed.

Sequoia Half-Day Group Tour

Get up close and personal with the ancient towering Sequoia trees. Bask in the awe of the General Sherman Tree - the world's largest living tree - and many other breathtaking natural wonders. Perfect for all ages and abilities, these intimate and informative tours take you where large tour groups simply can't go. Take all the stress out of the day so you can relax and soak up the beauty of nature.

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Private Sequoias in the Spring Tour

Leave the mountain spring navigation to the professional drivers/guides who will safely drive you then guide you through these towering giants. Blanketed in a snowy wonderland you'll have no worries of chains for your car to get up an icy mountain road, where to eat, or what to do on your day.

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Private Sequoia Full-Day Tour

The Sequoia National Park Full-Day Tour makes for a complete experience in the Park. The small tour sizes guarantee an unparalleled day in the park, where your guide will show you the renowned sites as well as hidden gems along the way. From the stunning vistas you'll see as you ascend along the Generals Highway to marveling at the grandeur of the towering Sequoias, this is an unforgettable experience not to be missed.

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Private Sequoia Half-Day Tour

For those who are already staying inside the park, or who want to make the drive from the entrance to the lodge at their own pace, we invite you to join the Sequoia National Park Half-Day Tour. Along the way you'll visit the aptly-named Giant Forest full of majestic Sequoias, including the General Sherman Tree - the largest tree on Earth - and other wonderful natural sights.

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Private Kings Canyon Tour

For a unique combination of spectacular natural wonders, join the Kings Canyon National Park Full-Day Tour. Here you'll experience a collection of breathtaking natural elements from the grand towering Sequoias, the expansive canyonlands, and the majestic mountains, and much more. On this full-day tour, there are indescribable sights to see around every turn, waiting to take your breath away with their presence.

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To schedule your Sequoia tour or for more information about all of the tours available in this region, please visit the Sequoia Sightseeing Tours website, or call 559-561-4189.