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Experience the many spectacular waterfalls to be found in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon Waterfalls

When you add snowmelt to some of the deepest natural canyons in the world, the result is going to be waterfalls. Powerful waterfalls. And some of the strongest in the west fall in Kings Canyon.

Roaring River Falls, located just off Highway 180 deep inside Kings Canyon valley, is a prime example. Dropping 40 feet through a narrow granite gap, the falls' rushing waters foam, froth and churn with dramatic effect.

Continuing up the valley, at Roads End, there is another Kings Canyon waterfall to lure visitors from their cars - Mist Falls. After following the trail to the falls, visitors will find the sparkling waters of the Kings River cascading 100 feet over a rocky granite incline, its watery torrents streaking like fireworks.

Just off Kings Canyon Scenic Byway, a short and easy hike offers an impressive reward: Grizzly Falls. The 75-foot waterfall is at its best in spring, when the thunderous force is strong enough to pound your chest (and maybe even rock your world).

The star of the show to the south in Sequoia National Park is Tokopah Falls. Officially 1,200 feet high, Tokopah Falls is a series of small cascades. Though none of the individual drops is especially high, that does not diminish from the beauty of the falls and the Tokopah Valley in general. Getting to the falls is an easy, 1.7-mile hike. Get your trail supplies at the Lodgepole Market, and then walk across the Marble Fork Bridge by the Lodgepole Campground and follow the Marble Fork until the falls come into view.