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The night sky is magical! In Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, minimal outdoor lighting coupled with the high elevation makes for “otherworldly” stargazing.

Sequoia National Park, high in the mountains and far from the city lights, is one of the darkest places in the United States. Wuksachi Lodge offers astronomy programs that take advantage of the lodge's 7,200-foot elevation and the spectacular, star-spangled Sequoia night sky.

Shooting stars are a local favorite - if your travels take you to Sequoia in mid-August, you may even be lucky enough to witness the Perseid Meteor Showers. Commonly, there are 80 shooting stars per hour, but in a good year, you can see double that number!

Any time of year, however, the sheer quantity and brightness of the planets, constellations, and stars above the park is stunning. Did you know that 99% of Americans and Europeans now live in places where even on a clear night they cannot see the Milky Way? But on a clear night with a new moon, the Milky Way shines bright above Sequoia National Park so you can see the sky the way our ancestors did.

Dark Sky Festival

To celebrate the special nature of Sequoia's dark skies, the Sequoia Field Institute sponsors a Dark Sky Festival every year. The event typically runs for a couple of days and features daytime educational events and presentations by astronomers and astronauts. At night, the stars are truly the stars of the show!

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Other Programs

There are also a number of special programs that may take place throughout the year, including astronomy programs atop Moro Rock, telescope programs with the Tulare Astronomical Association, and more! See the Special Events page for upcoming events.