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Sequoia's Wolverton BBQ is an experience you won't want to miss. Enjoy an amazing all-you-can-eat Western BBQ, and learn about the park in a unique way through the eyes of a Living History storyteller!

Please Note: as of September 12, 2016 we will no longer be able to use the Wolverton BBQ area. We plan to continue this event at Wuksachi Lodge for the 2017 season. Look for details in the spring!

Old West grilling doesn’t get any more authentic than the Wuksachi Lodge Sequoia BBQ. Dine on delectable summer-fresh fare from the Wuksachi Lodge culinary team with mouth-watering meats and sides that tempt taste buds of all types.

Entertaining interpretive talks from the park’s Living History storytellers bring legendary Sequoia personalities to life, highlighting this memorable family night out. Among those featured for 2016 are Charles Young and Adelaide Trask. Charles Young was born a slave and became the third African-American graduate of West Point and eventually superintendent of Sequoia National Park. As a woman, Adelaide Trask was prohibited from travelling alone, so she disguised herself as a teenage boy and travelled from New England all the way to the Sierra Nevada in the 1880s.

Dates: May 21 to September 11, 2016.

Time: Dinner is available starting at 5:00 pm every night. Hours may vary based on sunset.

Tickets: Adults $24.99 • Children (4–12 years) $12.50
Purchase by 2:00 pm day-of at the Wuksachi Lodge, Lodgepole Market, or Grant Grove Market in Kings Canyon. Tickets are also available at the Wolverton Recreation Area during the barbecue.

Location: The BBQ is located at the Wolverton Meadow Recreation Area in Sequoia National Park, off Wolverton Road - 10 minutes from the Lodgepole Market, 15 minutes from Wuksachi Lodge and 50 minutes from Grant Grove.

Questions: For more information, call 559.565.4070.

Based on availability. Outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions. Event may be canceled due to inclement weather conditions.

*Please note that the Fourth Graders Eat Free offer is valid for one fourth grader per paying adult.

Click here, to download and share the 2016 Wolverton BBQ Flyer

BBQ Menu includes all-you-can-eat:

BBQ Ribs
Grilled Chicken with Fresh Mango Salsa
BBQ Pulled Pork
Sierra Bratwursts & Hot Dogs

Old West Lemony Potato Salad
The Peaks Slaw
Fresh Local Summer Corn on the Cob
High Sierra Baked Beans
Organic Spinach & Chopped Egg Salad
Sweet Onion Cornbread with Honey

Fresh Local Sliced Watermelon
Freshly Baked Pecan Pie with Caramel
Pound Cake with Assorted Berry Toppings

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea & Lemonade
Beer & Wine Available for Purchase

Here are some of the living history naturalists from this season and past seasons. Volunteers vary from season to season and from night to night.

Charles Young

Brandon Richardson portraying Charles Young

Charles Young was born a slave but through unparalleled resilience and remarkable character he became one of the nation's most revered military heroes. Colonel Young's resume is quite impressive. He was the third African-American to graduate from the prestigious military school West Point, the first African-American superintendent of a U.S. National Park, the first African-American military attache, fluent in five languages, a composer, a poet, and the first black man to reach the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army. Join Sequoia Park Conservancy interpreter Brandon Richardson for a powerful living history program, in which we will meet Charles Young and celebrate his inspiring legacy. 

Adelaide Trask

Adelaide Trask at Wolverton BBQ

What is an independent and adventurous woman living in 1880's New England to do when tradition dictates that it is unladylike to travel solo? Adelaide Trask decides the only option she has to pursue her wanderlust dreams is to disguise herself as a teenage boy, granting her the freedom to explore the world outside of what is offered to woman of her era. Along her journey she discovers that her home may not be among human society at all, but instead within the natural world where she finds solace and empowerment by living amongst and finding ways to protect the natural treasures thriving in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

  Alice Eastwood

A brilliant botantist whose main ambition in life is to travel the world and collect plants. Her travels, like the famous John Muir, have taken her across the rugged Sierra Nevada including Mt. Whitney. A writer of more than 300 articles and books, this determined botanist overcomes the struggles that overwhelmed women in the late 1800's by becoming one of the first women curators for a major museum. Follow Alice on her adventures in the High Sierra and be inspired to follow whatever dreams you yourself may hold.

Quadrasonic Time Traveler

Travel with a trained Quadrasonic time/space integrator technician through the history of Sequoia National Park. Like the National Parks themselves, this machine is powered by love and dreams. In this love story spanning centuries, meet a parade of men from different times who loved this beautiful natural place and dreamed that it could be preserved and protected for future generations. Travel from 23 million years ago to the year 2525 on this epic adventure! (It is almost completely assured that you will not be eaten by a dinosaur during this program!)

Thomas Jones, Jr

Come and listen to the tale of a prospector who came searching for wealth in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Enjoy his firsthand accounts of life in the mining town of Beulah and the story of how he came to appreciate the land for more than just its material wealth.

  Lily Sung

Lily Sung is an enchanting Chinese American biology teacher and writer who visits Sequoia National Park in the summer of 1929.Like so many others that summer, they brave the newly completed General's Highway to experience the freedom of the road and the wild wonders of the Giant Forest. Lily's biological interests take root in the fairytale village at Round Meadow, where she discovers Giant Sequoias and the nature center set up by Walter Fry, the park's first naturalist. Through her musings, she connects Sequoia's dramatic landscape to other beautiful places around the world.


  Sally Carrighar

Sally Carrighar was a brilliant writer who found refuge within the wonders of Sequoia National Park. Sally found her peace among the animal companions she wrote about at the park’s own Beetle Rock. After four summers spent at the Park observing wildlife she compiled a book named “One Day on Beetle Rock.” Follow her journey through life that seemed to lead her home, to Sequoia.


  George Smith

In 1879 at the height of the ill-fated Mineral King silver rush, George Smith, a young farmer from Visalia comes to the mining town of Beulah seeking treasure. Heartsick for years over the death of his wife, George hears the mysterious and exciting story of James Crabtree's discovery of the White Chief mine and how he was led to the site by the spirit of a giant white Indian. Driven by the possibilities for finding fortune, this young farmer heads into the mountains and discvoers treasure far more suitable to him than silver. Hear his story and learn how the silver rush was significant in Sequoia's history.

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