Sequoia: Where Wild Things Are


From birds to bears, Sequoia is home to over 300 different kinds of animals. Find a place in Giant Forest to sit down and be still for a moment, and you will be amazed at how many creatures you will see and hear! 

If it’s big trees that bring you here, it’s the wildlife that will keep you coming back. From birds to black bears and fish to deer, Sequoia National Park's extreme elevation change – from 1,500 to 14,494 feet – creates rich and fascinating forest habitats that house more than 300 diverse species of wildlife.

Black Bears
Perhaps the most high-profile of Sequoia wildlife, black bears thrive in the park. Despite their name, black bears can be brown, cinnamon, or even blonde in color. Black bears are not usually aggressive, and often escape danger by climbing trees. Especially in park areas, bears may learn to associate people with food, and can lose their instinctive fear of humans, which begins a cycle of unnatural behavior that is dangerous to both bears and humans. We ask that you please refrain from feeding the animals.

Learn more about black bears and Sequoia wildlife at the Lodgepole Visitor Center. Along with exhibits on the area's geologic history, wildlife, and longtime American Indian inhabitants, the center screens an outstanding 22-minute film about black bears.

Wildlife Viewing
It’s easy to see, and hear, Sequoia’s wild and wondrous creatures just by spending time in the park, or on a nature walk or day hike. Binoculars are great tools to see wildlife while keeping a safe distance and ensuring that the wildlife stays wild. Capture Sequoia’s captivating creatures on camera; just remember to observe from afar to give them enough room to roam. In addition to black bears, some animals you might encounter at Sequoia are:

  Coyotes   Badgers
  Black bears   Sheep
  Deer   Opossums
  Wolverines   Beavers
  Frogs   Muskrats
  Mountain lions   Snakes
  Fox   Turtles
  Birds   Fish

Wildlife is just a small part of what makes Sequoia National Park so memorable – make your reservations at Wuksachi Lodge to experience all the park has to offer. Or, for more information about Sequoia wildlife, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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