Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park Seasonal Vacation Packages


Available year-round. Discover packages bundled with experiences designed to match every season in the parks.  Enjoy snowshoeing packages in the winter, BBQ packages during the summer, and everything in between!

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park lodges offer value-added big trees and deep canyons vacation packages and specials throughout the year to make your experience in these dynamic parks even more memorable (and affordable). For a list of year-round evergreen packages, see our main Specials and Packages page.

Our seasonal packages conveniently tie together everything you need to experience the best of each distinctive season. Browse the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks seasonal vacation packages below and discover the events, activities, and opportunities available at Wuksachi Lodge, John Muir Lodge, Grant Grove Cabins and Cedar Grove Lodge.

Fall Packages

Delight in and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks this fall as the air gets crisp and the leaves begin to turn. Come relax, unwind and indulge at our mountain hideaways.

Please note that many of our Spring/Summer/Fall packages below are also available until late-autumn. And don't miss our Annual Packages, available all year!

Winter Packages

Winter in the sequoia groves is a magical time, when the giants rest under a blanket of snow and the crowds are a distant echo of summer. Beyond the groves, there's cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the mountains with long views in the cold, crisp air of winter.

Spring, Summer and Fall

Many of our packages are available from April through November. Bring the kids on vacation or come in the spring or fall and take advantage of lower prices and thinner crowds.

In spring the meadows come alive with flowers and the bears wake up from their slumber. By summer the road into Kings Canyon reopens as do Boyden Cavern and Crystal Cave. The days grow long for those long rambles and full days of adventure. In autumn the parks start to take on their winter quiet again and you can get out for some last adventures before the snow flies!

Evergreen Packages

Don't forget, these are just the seasonal packages. We also have evergreen packages that are available year-round, ranging from our classic bed & breakfast getaway to all-day guided tours of Sequoia National Park.

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