Is it true that Bearpaw High Sierra Camp isn't going to open this year?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Bearpaw High Sierra Camp is not able to open as planned this year until July 1, at the earliest, causing the cancellation of all reservations booked up to July 1. Guests with reservations for July 1 onward will be communicated with as soon as we know any more information.

Can I reschedule my reservation?

At this time, we can move your reservation to an available date later in the season, put you on our waiting list for other key dates or provide you advance booking opportunity for the 2013 season.

What are the circumstances of the closure?

Special places like Bearpaw High Sierra Camp bring unique stewardship and hospitality challenges. One such challenge is a lawsuit that has been filed by the High Sierra Hiker’s Association against Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Earlier this year, a judge ruled that the use of pack mules, or what’s known as commercial pack stock, to bring supplies into Bearpaw camp is possibly in violation of the Wilderness Act.

Can you guarantee Bearpaw will open by July 1?

The Park Service is working through the legal issue and the court has scheduled a hearing for May 23 to address what remedial action should be taken to address it. We are all hopeful that the court will determine that some use of commercial pack stock may be allowed in the parks allowing the Bearpaw camp to resume operations on July 1 or later.

What will happen to my reservation after July 1 if Bearpaw remains closed?

For our guests with reservations July 1 and later, we will provide you with timely updates on the situation following the May 23 court hearing and we understand that you may wish to cancel your reservation and make alternate summer travel plans.

Is there someone I can talk to about my reservation?

Providing our guests with outstanding customer service is core to our operational philosophy at Delaware North Parks & Resorts.  Please feel free to contact us via email at

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