Meet Yogi


Richard Bair, a.k.a. Yogi At home in Sequoia National Park.

I first came to Sequoia National Park in 1981 as a tourist from the San Fernando Valley in southern California. I fell in love and immediately asked employees how to get a job here, but it was 5 years and many visits later that I finally came to work. That was April of 1987, and my love for the park has just grown since.

I started out as a desk clerk at the old Giant Forest hotel working nights. And I started hiking and backpacking. In 1988 I moved to Employee housing management and that winter went to work at Wolverton, our ski area and x-country ski shop. That’s when I found the pleasure in skiing into the back country in winter season on telemark skis.

From then until now, I’ve done many jobs (some might say MOST jobs) and played many roles in the park. From managing Bearpaw Meadows High Sierra Camp to being a member of the National Park Service Search and Rescue team, I found ways to integrate my job with my love for the high country in our park. Finally, in 1996 I started taking the entire summer off from work to back pack and climb peaks.

Most years between then and now, I quit working for 2 or 3 months each year and wander in the high country of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. I’ve climbed 60 different Peaks and walked countless miles and still find it fresh and perfect every time out. I’ve realized that 1 lifetime isn’t enough to see everything there is, plus I’m a lazy man. So I need a whole summer!

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